A Report On The City Hall

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The Executive Director reports to the City Hall and provides a detail financial analysis of the KCCC year to date report. Once the council hears financial report, the Council votes on approval of a new budget for the fiscal year. Again, the technology currently being used within the city and KCCC is currently outdated and could use an enhancement such as utilizing the Google Fiber service and Cisco’s wireless network being installed in the KCPL entertainment district. Also, there are additional technology enhancements coming into the organizations and down town area for both customers and businesses “In May, Cisco said it will bring wireless smart-city technology to the downtown, too, in an area that coincides with part of the streetcar project. These services will include mobile apps for citizen access, digital interactive kiosks, smart streetlights and video surveillance.” (computerworld.com) “Sih 's collision density ideas are already being echoed all around the KC region, including at the nearby Sprint Accelerator building a few blocks away from the Globe. Another area is in an older neighborhood of modest homes about 30 blocks south on the Kansas side, where KC Startup Village (KCSV) got its start in the first-ever Google Fiber connected zone.” "It 's all about creating energy," says Matthew Marcus, co-leader of KCSV, during a tour on a recent rainy late summer day. Since 2012, more than 20 startups have begun working out of several homes in the neighborhood along
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