A Report On The Cleveland Street Workhouse

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Introduction Pathway, the homeless healthcare charity, is seeking for a property to carry out their homeless people medical respite strategy. The Cleveland Street Workhouse, located the eastern side of Cleveland Street, has become their potential target. However, they do not know whether this place could satisfy their objectives. Therefore, this report is aim to provide a guidance and some suggestions for the clients, to enable them carry out their strategy more easily. Land and property appraisal In this case, the information about this property is not enough to support us making any decisions. For example, THE CLEVELAND STREET WORKHOUSE Document 1(assignment sheet) has mentioned ‘It is generally of poor quality internally and will need significant refurbishment, bearing in mind the listing of the front block’. Information like this is too weak to support our strategy and we need some more detailed information. Therefore, I think it is essential to make a Land and property appraisal. This contains a well- rounded check of the targeted land and property. Not only it lets us know how much cost is needed to maintain the property at an acceptable standard, but also it helps us to find out the opportunities for adaptation and rationalisation. In short, the Land and property appraisal let us know what to do, in which place, at what time. Is it the fundamental activity to set up a baseline assessment of the targeted land and property. Land and property appraisals could be
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