A Report On The Cloud Industry

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I currently am being interviewed for a Technical Program Manager position at Amazon. I am really excited and am looking forward to complete my interview process to join Amazon. I want to utilize this opportunity to perform a review and go through the materials on insider threat existent in a cloud company. I want to propose recommendations to handle/manage insider threat better in a cloud infrastructure. Introduction What is an Insider Threat? “A malicious insider threat to an organization is a current or former employee, contractor, or other business partner who has or had authorized access to an organization 's network, system, or data and intentionally exceeded or misused that access in a manner that negatively affected the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the organization 's information or information systems.” Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Cloud companies are in the rise, there are a lot of big software firms who are looking at creating their dominance in the cloud computing sector. Cloud companies work towards providing computational resources in an ad-hoc basis to serve the huge demand from the customers. Cloud companies provide software as service to all of their customers who need not worry about maintaining a huge inventory and operational support for their infrastructure .On the other hand, customers take a lot of advantages from such cloud services like getting high scalability, security, cost etc. One of the things
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