A Report On The Colonial Reports

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The item examined is the Colonial Reports: 1913 – 15. The Colonial Reports, compiled by the Colonial Survey Committee and the governors of each colony, surveyed individual British colonies during the stated year. These include colonies in British Africa, British Honduras, Ceylon (modern day Sir Lanka), Cyprus, Fiji, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Maylay States, Trinidad and more. The report summarizes the finances, trade, legislation, education, public works, criminal and police, postal service, and general observations of the colonies. Within the finance section, which is the section of focus, the report presents a pseudo-income statement and balance sheet of the colony. The “income statement” includes revenues for the British government from sources such as import duties, royalties, licensing fees, rent from government land, sale of land, interest, railroad fees, and more. Expenditures include costs to operate the colony relating to education, trade, sanitation, military, treasury and more. The subsection concludes with the surplus or deficit in income for the year and the surplus or deficit between assets and liabilities. The data set reveals several components about economic history. Primarily, it summarizes the economic state and growth of the British colonies through the various categories mentioned previously. By utilizing the reports over time, observations can be made about the economic and structural developments of the British colonies. The state of the British colonies…

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