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The company Embraer has made a major investment in the Phenom 300. It’s “design life is 28,000 cycles or 35,000 hours, assuring it will have a 30- to 40 year economic life even with heavy economical use” (Pilot Report). In order to have a more reliable aircraft Embraer improved the Phenom 100 to produce the Phenom 300. The Phenom 300 contains a trimmable horizontal stabilizer to provide a better pitch control, and fly-by-wire multifunction spoilers. These panels “provide pilot-commanded inflight speed brake, automatic ground spoiler and automatic differential roll spoiler actuation to augment roll control authority.” (Pilot Report). If engine failure occurs, the Phenom 300 has a spring-loaded rudder boost system that automatically is used…show more content…
Aircraft has to not only be designed for reliability but also for maintenance. Basic maintenance intervals are 12 months or 600 flight hours. The aircraft’s “MSG 3” maintenance-friendly design allows windshields replacement in two hours. The third-generation “L-3 SmartProbes” eliminate unneeded tubes and pipes between probes and ADC boxes. All antennas and other external sensors can be easily replaced from outside the airplane. Gel gaskets eliminate the use liquid sealants that are necessary before flight. All flight control cables are designed to minimized reversal during the installation. The dual batteries that were mentioned earlier slide out on trays for easy access and replacement. One type of grease is used for the aircraft. The “fuel boost pumps have brushless motors for long life and they are mounted in dry canisters so they may be changed without defueling the aircraft” (Pilot Report). The winglets uses screws to make them easy to remove and replace. A central maintenance computer can check autopilot servo torque which eliminates removal for bench tests. The oxygen bottle may be refilled through a port in the nose baggage compartment. The Phenom 300 has the downside of having fresh water reservoirs must be replenished internally because the systems weren’t installed in the flight test aircraft. This would change workload issues if accessed externally. The use of ground power allow all the

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