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Holden is one of nine car manufactures, who are capable to manufacture a car from the ground level. It is the local brand of Australia, which is going to stop its production in Australia. This document explains about the opportunities and threats to the company, I try to explain about the present position of Holden, which is not very good. The final accounts of the company shows heavy losses to the company. Australian Government also took many steps to save the Holden production unit, because closure of the company is also not in favour of the country. The closure of the company also force to close the other units which are producing parts for the Holden cars. It leads to unemployment, people directly and indirectly employed with the …show more content…
The program for automotive by government includes:
1. Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS): This scheme encourages competitive investment and innovation in the industry. Through ATS, Government provides up to $2 billion to help the industry during 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2017.
2. Automotive Diversification Program (ADP): This program helps the supply chain companies to automotive industry. Government invests $20 million in this program.
3. Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Program (AISAP): the labour adjustment funds for training are provides under AISAP to automotive workers.

Australian Government formulates productivity commission to know the public support for Australian automotive industry. This commission finalizes its report on 26th August 2014. (Department of industry Innovation and Science (Australia Government) 2015). Organization’s background

James Alexander Holden commences as a saddlery business in Adelaide, South Australia in 1856. The firm became a full scale production unit of vehicle body shells from repairing car upholstery with the hard work and good management. 1924 was a big year of company. It became the exclusive supplier of American car manufacturer general motors in Australia. The company also supplied tram cars throughout 1920’s. In 1931, it became General Motors Holden’s Limited (GM-H) by the merger of two companies. Holden opened a new headquarter and

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