A Report On The Company 's Customer Service Department

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Attached is our proposal, “Investing in Human Capital: A Recommendation Report.” At Assess the Best LLC, we seek to solve your employee related challenges by providing a total employee lifecycle solution. By investing in your greatest asset (human capital), productivity, sales, motivation and customer service levels will increase and employee turnover will be reduced. Our solution includes leadership training and development, employee training, management, and hiring tools to help you succeed. This report includes findings from the pilot program conducted in ABC Company’s Customer Service Department as a result of the previous proposal. During the pilot program, we assessed all of the current customer service department as well as…show more content…
I appreciate the opportunity you have given to us to provide our services to your organization. We hope to continue our business relationship and look forward to hearing from you. Placing the right person in the right job, and getting the most out of those people we have placed, is an art that is accomplished more consistently with the help of science. The science of successfully investing in human capital is the specialty of Assess the Best LLC. We have tools to aid in hiring, on-boarding, training, managing, and succession planning. We have introduced our concept of “Job Fit” to employers around the world. Job Fit is the process of locating the traits and skills necessary to be successful in a position and finding the people with them. In addition to qualifying people by hard skills like education and experience, Job Fit also seeks to match people according to their cognitive styles, interests, and behavioral traits. Improved job satisfaction and productivity comes as a result of considering these additional factors. We have experience providing assessments to assist in the selection and management of many industries, with a remarkable record of success and look forward to doing the same for your organization. On August 11, 2014, Robert Brown, Human Resources Director at ABC Company, made an inquiry about ways to reduce turnover and increase retention of top performing employees. The biggest
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