A Report On The Consumer, Insurance Providers, And Government

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Recommendations vary for collaboration. However, there persists a lack of research. This is likely due to propaganda; the real issues seem nonexistent. The population, affected by the mandates or policies, knows the truth. We do not have their story. The most recent recommendations to fix this collaboration between the consumer, insurance providers, and government was provided in 2015; this article at least makes better sense than the most recent recommendations---not worth mentioning. First, allow employees an access to better markets and plans; allow employers a flexibility to offer or deny health insurance coverage (Pollack, 2015). Second, hire 10,000 full-time federal enrollment representatives to help Americans enroll in health coverage (Pollack, 2015). The final recommendation, offer “public option” Medicare coverage within health insurance marketplaces for people over 60 (Pollack, 2015). Those are the recommendations from academia, but any real solution has yet to be determined. We would suggest that the government give options to consumers to opt out of coverage rather than having to be penalized for getting a product that they did not desire in the first place. Another suggestion would be selective coverage, allowing consumers to customize their plan based on the cost and needs that are best fit to their situation. One issue that we find alarming and should be attended to is the fact that, although no one can be denied coverage, insurers can still require
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