A Report On The Crash

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The accident in question happened on February 2, 2005 around 07:18 Eastern Standard Time. A Bombardier Challenger CL-600-1A11, tail number N370V, went off the departure end of runway 6 at Teterboro Airport located in New Jersey. The Challenger exited the runway at a ground speed of about 110 knots, through the airport fence, across a six lane highway, where it struck a vehicle and then through a parking lot before striking a building. In total, a cabin aide, eight passengers and one person in the building were injured. Post-crash, the aircraft was destroyed from the impact and fire that resulted from crash (NTSB, 2006). The flight was scheduled to be an on-demand passenger charter flight from Teterboro, NJ to Chicago, IL and was operated under Part 135 by Platinum Jet Management, LLC out of Fort Lauderdale, FL under the auspices of a charter management agreement with Darby Aviation. Platinum Jet Management was hired for this flight by the brokerage company for a charter customer. The pilots and cabin aide were notified of the flight on February 1st and later that day traveled out of Fort Lauderdale, FL to NJ arriving slightly after midnight. On February 2nd, both pilots performed a preflight inspection of the aircraft with no discrepancies noted and monitored the airplane as the line service technicians topped off the fuel. The passengers arrived between 0630-0705 only carrying light baggage such as coats and brief cases (NTSB, 2006). The cockpit voice recorder and

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