A Report On The Cyber Security

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According to Gartner Inc., the market for cloud-security services is expected to reach nearly $4 billion in revenue in 2016, up from $2.1 billion last year. As more businesses move to the cloud, it’s essential that we understand best practices of cloud security and provide transparency when it comes to the solutions. The Cyber security in cloud computing is aimed at reducing the security threats in cloud environment. The project involves building a knowledge base to establish comprehensive research plans for automotive cybersecurity and develop enabling tools for applied research in this area. It is aimed to research the feasibility of developing minimum performance requirements for automotive cybersecurity.



The project has been created to improve the security considering the wide range of threat from external security breaches. The costs associated with the successful design and implementation of these security measures will be recovered as a result of the anticipated reduction in financial damages.


The business objectives for this project are in direct support of our corporate strategic plan to improve cyber security and reduce the losses incurred due to hacking.
- Checking for the current security system loopholes which once fixed can result in improvement of the security of the system.
- Complete implementation of the present system.
- Design a new system which reduces the…

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