A Report On The Day I Was Born

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The day I was born, January 20th, 1997, was an interesting day. In the New York Times, there were important stories in international news, national news, news which especially interested me, and today’s news. In the New York Times, there was an article published on 20th, of January, called Massacre and Bomb Kill Dozens in Wave of Violence in Algeria. In the month of January, Algiers, Algeria was experiencing weeks of violence. On the 19th, of January, “there was a car bomb explosion outside a café, hours after thirty-six villagers were massacred by Islamic militants (Massacre and Bomb Kill 1).” On that same day, there was another explosion and many were taken to the hospital. For both of the attack, no one was caught and arrested.…show more content…
Sara Rimer is the author of the New York Times article, An Effort to Honor Dr. King Moves a Mostly White Time. This article was about an 18 year old Gautam Venkatesan, who was mesmerized to know that New Hampshire did not have a day that honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gautam Venkatesan, was a southern Indian who was raised in the United States, and spent all his time reading and acknowledging Dr. King (Rimer 1). Venkatesan, to the time out of his schedule to receive support from neighbors in Exeter residency, to allow the Board to have Martin Luther King Day. After receiving the support of 13,600 residences, Venkatesan sought out to prepare his speech, on why New Hampshire should have a Dr. King day. Two of Venkatesan supporters were, the police chief, James Gilmore, and the Chamber of Commerce. Each of these individuals gave their testimony, about why this was so important to them. And overall, they all saw how the lives of black people were so important, and how many of those blacks, helped them be who they are today. When I first saw this article, I didn’t know that there were states that did not honor Dr. King as a holiday. I assumed every state had this holiday, the same day New York received this holiday. But to know that people in New Hampshire, in a town of mostly whites, were willing to allow this to become a national holiday day, is amazing.
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