A Report On The Day I Was Born

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The day I was born, January 20th, 1997, was an interesting day. In the New York Times, there were important stories in international news, national news, news which especially interested me, and today’s news.
In the New York Times, there was an article published on 20th, of January, called Massacre and Bomb Kill Dozens in Wave of Violence in Algeria. In the month of January, Algiers, Algeria was experiencing weeks of violence. On the 19th, of January, “there was a car bomb explosion outside a café, hours after thirty-six villagers were massacred by Islamic militants (Massacre and Bomb Kill 1).” On that same day, there was another explosion and many were taken to the hospital. For both of the attack, no one was caught and arrested. According to the article, it is believed that this event is a part of the wave of violence that has been occurring in Algeria. During the time period of the wave of violence, “fourteen people had their throat slit, thirty-six people were killed in a bloodshed, and many other victims were decapitated (2)”. This wave of violence began in 1992 in January. The Government canceled elections that would have allowed the Islamic Salvation Front to win. I chose this article only because I never heard of the country Algeria. After reading this article, I was mesmerized by the events that occurred the day I was born. To know my mom was giving birth to life at the same time lives were being taken away, is heartbreaking. It’s even worse to know that people…

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