A Report On The Earth

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“Holly, could you pass me that---“ static interrupted Trenton. The display on the bottom left corner of his helmet said “COMM SYS FAILURE”. He looked up at his company and they seemed to notice the same thing. Claude signaled them to get back on the rover. Their job would have to wait because they needed to get back to the Base as soon as possible. Every fiber in his body told him that the worst had happened: a solar flare. NASA had known about the possibility of such an occurrence but the resulting solar flare from the explosion of a giant sunspot wasn’t supposed to hit the moon. The moon’s atmosphere or magnetic field couldn’t block solar flares from bombarding them with x-ray and radio waves, thus frying their communication systems. Since they couldn’t communicate with Earth, they had no warnings. The Base also didn’t have any detectors. There were no contingencies for total disconnect from Earth. He suspected an X-class solar flare, the strongest type, had occurred, catapulting one billion ton of coronal mass ejection and high-energy protons their way, with energies over one hundred million electron volts. These protons easily penetrated their spacesuits. [122] [20]

16 June 2039, 07:01 UTC, ILB, the Moon
Holly, Trenton and Claude lay in the Health Module. It had been week since their incident. They were fighting radiation sickness from their exposure to the solar flare’s proton storm. Dr. Linda Chadwick cared for them and made sure they took all their medications. They
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