A Report On The East Sussex County Council

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Executive Summary This report evaluates the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) 's website from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. Then recommends suggestion to improve the website. The main tool of this analysis is Google Analytics that provides data with intensive details. For instance, Audience, Traffic source, Landing page and Bounce rate.

From the results of this study, it found that the website has several problems such as Social traffic, Keywords, Contents, AdWords campaign, and In-page activity. Therefore, this report recommends some solutions to overcome these issues and increase users’ experience, by the following recommendation: o Improve navigation of website o Optimize website layout o Increase social traffic by improve social network engagement o Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and AdWords keywords o Set up more Goals in Google Analytics

Introduction 1
Finding and analysis 1
• Audience 1
• Acquisition 2
• Behaviors 6
• Conversion 10
Conclusion 11
Recommendations 12
References 15

This report aims to evaluate web analytics of East Sussex County Council (ESCC) 's website and recommends for enhancing the effective use of the website. Google Analytics is used as a tool to collect and analyze data in this study because it provides different aspects of data with comprehensive details, especially Social traffic, Keywords, Contents,…
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