A Report On The Energy Project Programme

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Assignment A During the summer of 2014 I took part in the Energy Project programme, I was paired with a small heating-engineering company, Global Celsius solutions. The company had recently developed a cheap, rugged and reliable water boiling system, the “Jompy” boiler. The system itself took advantage of compact heat exchanger design principles incorporating a high surface area, minimising the footprint of the system without sacrificing overall performance, the boiler was capable of producing water in excess of 70oC within a matter of 5-7 seconds(from my own experience with the boiler). The overall aims of the project included: 1. Researching possible rental markets, with an emphasis on sustainable development. 2. Effects of transport…show more content…
The purpose of the hiring of the local partners is to take advantage of their knowledge of the local populace, for example if a potential customer has a reputation of looking after their belongings and being good on their word concerning their repayments, then a set minimum deposit would be implemented, and vice versa for a person notorious for abuse of equipment and poor money management. The key would be to ensure that the monthly repayments would remain consistent. After approximately 8 months the “Jompy” is paid off, instead of increasing profitability of the scheme after this benchmark all excess repayments are invested back into local development and infrastructure (schools, education fees, stationary etc). My task was to investigate potential problems faced by the model and if any companies had successfully implemented like-minded schemes. To accomplish this, the potential problems of the model had to be identified in this case one of the main problems involved initiating an honest and mutually beneficial relationship with these Sub-Saharan local communities. This came in the form of formulating potential marketing strategies and suggesting forms of engagement towards those who would benefit most from the product. Another of the main goals
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