A Report On The Engineering Of Technology And Science

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Ramya Eluri, Sarada Institute of Technology and Science- Khammam
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University- Hyderabad
Statement of purpose
My engineering education challenged me to reach for the stars. And one day
I found myself standing on the moon...
Gene Cernan, Commander, Apollo XVII
From my early childhood I am interested to study in an environment that encourages creativity and fosters innovation. This juvenile attraction slowly metamorphosed into a more mature respect for the subject of physics (mostly integrated circuits, digital signal processing, and electromagnetism). Physics helped me to acquire physical intuition and visualization. Being very passionate about Electronic products from my childhood, I have …show more content…

Apart from my gamut of knowledge in the field of Electronics I am good at software skills – Verilog HDL, Embedded C, Xilinx, Keil, AutoCAD 2004 etc. My endeavor is to be best in my field. Towards achieving the same goal, I had done mini projects like pc encryption and decryption to make the communication more secure also my self-driven enthusiasm made me to craft some working models of FM receiver/transmitter, and my efforts were appreciated and gave me immense confidence to do something significant. Due to my growing interest on hardware concepts and software programming skills, I chose the area of Embedded
Systems for my undergraduate project work .I worked on a real time project titled
Embedded System”. This technology uses the recent developments used in the security (access) system. This system provides a high level security using both the technologies combined at a single place. This security system is highly reliable and the durability of the system is high. This security system uses concepts of embedded systems. As knowledge is a sea and I believe that what has been discovered is only a mugful. I would like to acquaint myself with as much as possible of this mugful and make my own drop of contribution. It is needless to mention that the United States is the world leader in this field and your academic institutions are

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