A Report On The Enzyme Classification Of Enzyme And The Reaction

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L-Lactate Dehydrogenase L-lactate dehydrogenase, or LDH, is an oxidoreductase that occurs in many organism and is a reaction that is important to many cells. From the peptide sequence, this specific enzyme catalyzes the pyruvate to lactate reaction along with the coenzyme NAD+/ NADH. The enzyme classification for this sequence is EC:, these numbers each identify a specific part of the enzyme and the reaction is a part of. The first one identifies that this is and oxidoreductase reaction, which accounts for the dehydrogenase in the name. The second number is the labeling that a hydrogen is undergoing the oxidation reduction and the final one is indicating that the l-lactate is the acceptor of the hydrogen. The final digit, 27, is specific to the pyruvate reaction that the L-lactate dehydrogenase is catalyzing. Each peptide sequence was run through BLAST technology both forward and backwards. The sequence was examined multiples ways to understand that the order of a sequence is important, and to guarantee the correct enzyme is found. The BLAST database compares the sequence to many different organism and their different cellular reaction and rates each enzyme on their similarities and the likelihood of getting a certain result of a different database (E-value). The LDH was the top 100% match with a low E-value of 2e-11. This connected the sequence to an enzyme in the organism Mus Musculus in the muscle and heart cells. It occurs in different regions of the house…
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