A Report On The Food Industry

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For the busy adult who has no time to stand and stir dinner all day, Company G’s iStir is here to help! The iStir attaches to any size pot and will adjust stirring modes depending on which mode is selected. iStir has six modes; scrape, whisk, constant, occasional, and mix mode. Each mode enhances the bakers experience in different ways. The scraping mode is meant for making candies and other foods that require the sides and bottom of the pot to be scraped constantly. The whisker aids in foods that need to be whisked-such as sauces. Some foods require constant stirring, while others only need occasional stirring, the frequency and speed can be adjusted as needed. Finally, the mix mode combines elements of all the previously stated
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IStir fits perfectly into Company G’s mission statement. The iStir is a shopping product. It is important to the customer for the iStir be in a convenient location, the pricing is relatively high to promote high quality, and the seller’s image is very important. Customers are looking for a product that wows, something that is quality guaranteed, and promotes higher self-esteem through brand recognition. By providing the customer with a top quality product, they will be loyal customers.
Target Market The target market for the iStir is a busy, young parent, ages 20-30 that want to spend more time with their children and are comfortable using electronics. New parents need all the time they can get to spend with their children, therefore, eliminating the chore of standing in front of the stove will produce more free time. While mom is changing little Timmy’s diaper, the iStir is busy in the kitchen. The convenience and time saving features of the iStir will be a strong selling point for the target market. The iStir would be a great fir for a busy parent who needs more time with his/her family.

Analysis of Competitive environment Supplier power: The suppliers for Company G’s iStir are limited and could drive up the prices. Because of the commitment to high quality and 100% American made materials, the iStir’s part suppliers could use their power to increase the price of each part. Driving up the price on the
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