A Report On The Food Industry

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For the busy adult who has no time to stand and stir dinner all day, Company G’s iStir is here to help! The iStir attaches to any size pot and will adjust stirring modes depending on which mode is selected. iStir has six modes; scrape, whisk, constant, occasional, and mix mode. Each mode enhances the bakers experience in different ways. The scraping mode is meant for making candies and other foods that require the sides and bottom of the pot to be scraped constantly. The whisker aids in foods that need to be whisked-such as sauces. Some foods require constant stirring, while others only need occasional stirring, the frequency and speed can be adjusted as needed. Finally, the mix mode combines elements of all the previously stated modes, making it ideal for foods that do not require a specific type of stirring. Cooking dinner no longer has to mean standing by the stove stirring for hours with the help of iStir. The iStir supports Company G’s mission statement through convenience, quality, and innovation. Company G’s mission statement is, “We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.” The iStir improves the quality of the customers life by doing the tedious work of stirring for them. iStir is convenient by offering an simple and easy design. iStir is made from the highest quality materials, and is made one-hundred percent in the USA. IStir shows great innovation through it’s use…

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