A Report On The Greek Yogurt

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Chobani Greek Yogurt is a high quality Greek yogurt that is sold throughout the U.S. As of right now business for Chobani is doing very well. Their annual income shows just how successful they have become. “Now, a decade later, the company has reached $1 billion in annual sales.” (Noguchi 2016). Chobani claims to be America’s favorite yogurt and they right to think so. The reason why people enjoy the product so much is the fact that they make sure their product is of high quality. This is what sets the apart from other yogurt competitors. They first start off by making their yogurt healthy by using real ingredients, natural sweeteners, and milk from cows that have not been treated with rBST. (unknown 2016). The Chobani company is very invested into what they are making and want to make it healthy for everyone that is buying the product. “We’re super passionate about how we craft our yogurt, so we require our suppliers certify that every ingredient we use is non-GMO.” (unknown 2016). Another great thing Chobani does to set themselves apart is they care about animal welfare. “To us, animal welfare is more than a business practice: It 's an ethical and moral imperative. We were founded on similar core values and principles, and we work closely with cooperatives and local farms to ensure the safety and humane treatment of the cows that provide us fresh milk.” (unknown 2016). This company has great values which really set them apart from their competitor and in return has proven
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