A Report On The Hospitality Business

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Hospitable has been a characteristic of humanity for a long period of time, it can be said that it is formed since the first time that people starting to immigrate from place to place. Hospitality which has transform from an act of kindness, which the host is the one to giving shelters and food and for the travellers, into a business industry. As a consequence, the basic need shelters and food have also been reformed into the need of convenient and secure segment. Due to this situation, lots of hotels have enlarged their budget on security purpose. Especially since the terrorist attacks in Jakarta in 2009 and Taj Mahal hotel in Delhi in 2008, lots of big cooperation have boosted their security system and establish an intense safety and security procedure. Thanks to those terror events, hoteliers are aware of that the safety issue is the most important in the hospitality business. (Acton, 2013, p.5) This essay will briefly discuss how organisation has pledged themselves to ensure their guests’ safety while staying with them. The most terrifying event was on September 11, 2000 when two airplanes crashed directly into the Twins Towers of the World Trade Centre, one crashed into the Pentagon and one crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania . The attack was carried out by the Islamic radical group. The Islamic thought the attack was set out to fight for their righteous since the American has used the brutal policy towards them. (Al-Jubouri, 2010, p.324) After the
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