A Report On The Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry is an expanding business these days. More people like to travel nowadays as they used to in the past. We can see new hotels and motels or any other types of accommodation facilities are opening to attract more business around the world. Big hotel chains are building new hotels even in smaller cities which are favorite among tourists. Once the hotel is completed the main aspect hoteliers look for is their front office area, which is foundation of every hotel. Commonly called the reception desk or reception area, the front office in a hotel is the area responsible in accepting guests, reservations, inquiries, checking in and checking out and responsible for sending invitations to previous guests by gathering information from the systems like their birthdays, anniversary etc. The role of front office is to welcome whoever comes in to check-in or check-out in the hotel. Front offices may have an entry desk staffed with a secretary or administrative worker. This main desk can offer assistance to incoming clients or customers, and can direct queries to correct personnel. Alternatively, all personnel in the department may be trained in customer assistance; since workers in this area of the business may have many duties, training all of them in customer service means that someone will almost always be available to help a client. Front office is the main aspect to add value to the business as they are the first ones to be approached by customers or clients. They

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