A Report On The Hotel Sector

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of global economy, the hotel sector is unprecedentedly prosperous. However, as economic globalization develops deeply, the number of main players in competition of the hotel market continuously increases and competition of the hotel sector continuously intensifies. At the same time, the prosperously developing travel sector across the world manifests the huge market potential of the hotel sector (Milne, S., & Ateljevic, I. (2001)). Lobby is the key department that gives the first impression and the last impression to customers and it represents the image of the whole hotel. The service includes the Protocol Department, the reception, the switchboard and the business center. The main functions are ordering, check-in, service in the hotel, check-out, construction of customer archives, etc. In this paper, the author will apply the OM Theory to describe the check-in service in the lobby and how the front desk cooperates with other departments to provide customers with satisfying service in the check-in service, and apply customized methods to design a set of service that can meet customers’ demands to the maximum extent (L. Liwen, 2004). The main content of the OM Theory is service operation administration, of which the theme is daily operation administration and which reveals inherent laws of service operation administration. The process of service operation can actually be regarded as the process of input-change-output. It can be…

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