A Report On The Housing Of Silverwater

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Silverwater Summary
Ask a local about Silverwater and they will tell you it’s a virtually undiscovered residential suburb close to anything and everything a person could need or want. Most people think Silverwater is mostly a commercial area, but it’s not. The commercial areas are scattered across the suburb amongst the housings and dwellings in local neighbourhoods. It’s home to several small to medium sized businesses from warehouses and manufacturers to boutique stores and services. There are some large companies that make Silverwater home, but this Sydney suburb has become more residential over the past few years and more developments are in the making. Besides all the convenience of Silverwater, it features some great parks and
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• Hume Park (Carnarvon Street) - A great open space for walking or jogging.
• Newington Reserve (Slough Avenue) - A nice, green/grassy area with seating, picnic tables, sheltered picnic tables, and access to public restrooms.
• Wilson Park (Newington Road) - This is a sports complex within the popular Sydney Olympic Park. Walking/cycling/running trails are activities you can do at Wilson Park as long as you don 't mind the walk to get to the trails. This park offers a serene place where you can sit and view the scenic Parramatta River.
Silverwater doesn 't have any public primary or secondary schools, so the children of the area attend in the nearby suburbs like Auburn. However, Silverwater does have three specialty schools.
• Tashman Driving School (Silverwater Road)
• L.A. Talent School (Fariola Street)
• CITY Driving School
• Mukhi Driving School
• Panda Driving School (Sweetwater Road)
Places of Worship
Silverwater has only two churches, but there is easy access to nearby suburbs and places of worship.
• Sydney Korean Catholic Community Church (Carnarvon Street)
• C3 Church Silverwater (Silverwater Road)
Shopping & Dining
Silverwater has several small to medium size shops, businesses, and eateries spread across the suburb as opposed to having a specific commercial district.
• Mamaway (Parramatta Road) - Maternity store in the Gateway Business Park
• Action Sports Equipment PTY Ltd. (Egerton Street) - Local sports equipment wholesaler
• Auburn Florist

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