A Report On The Law Of The Saudi Arabia

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Saudis accord a lot of importance to their heritage and their families are usually large and extended. They take their responsibility towards their family quite seriously and hiring someone they trust for help is very common.
Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the world and follows a strict patriarchal system. Indeed, women only represent 16% of the workforce and their main duties are towards their families. It is the only country in the world where it is forbidden for a woman to drive, vote or travel anywhere without authorization from a male guardian (father or husband). All of these aspects result in a mediocre gender inequality index rating (135 over 146) and global gender gap index (131st). In addition, women must follow a rigorous dress code and cover their hair, body and face by wearing a thick and opaque dress called an abaya or burqa.
When doing business in Saudi Arabia, foreign women must clearly show the importance of their company and their role within it and can bring a letter from someone with a higher status in the company stating this. However, this may not gain the respect of their audience since local men may feel uncomfortable in dealing with Western women. It might be more reasonable to take a male colleague along for the trip and act discretely. Also, when doing business in the country it is extremely important to have the appropriate dress code and avoid provocations. A woman must wear an abaya in every public place and…
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