A Report On The Life Of My Father And Stepmother 's Business

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6. Secondary Years As far back as I can remember, Capitalism was drilled into my conscious mind. “Work hard! Then you’ll be able to buy what you want,” my parents would have said to me. So, it was not surprising when my father and stepmother 's business began to provide for our family in ways that allowed for not only a modest home with a backyard, but also for extra-curricular activities for us kids. But it was the year of 1995 that would shock our whole family when my parents found us another home to move into. This other home was older and a fixer-upper, but had an acre of land attached to it. Later on, we kids found out that the home was about 4,500 sq. feet in size. As we drove up to this mysterious new residence of ours, I believe all of our mouths dropped open in awe. In Northern San Diego County, where this home is still located today, there are foothills covered with green vegetation. For example, palm trees, bushes, fields of produce, and many more types of plants and trees. There are tall, rolling hills that surround this certain area and town. The homes that are placed beneath the foothills of this area are spread out more so than the average suburban areas in the United States. All I could think was how rural our new area of town looked. Our prior home was that of a ‘track home’ where the homes were very close together in proximity. So close, actually, that one would have to be careful about modesty if ones’ windows or blinds were open.
The winding roads,…
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