A Report On The London Stock Exchange

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SUMMARY This report is based on two companies publicly listed on the London stock exchange (LSE), comparing the two companies together and choosing one from the two chosen companies. Investing a sum of twelve thousand pounds in the company chosen, tracking the shares from the 5th November 2105 to 8th of January 2016. This report will demonstrate the findings and results of price fluctuation over a period of time, the pest and swot analysis of the company chosen and record the performance with references. In this report the understanding of how the 12000 pounds invested to the chosen company will be stated and the reason for an increase or decrease in the money invested. The chosen companies are SPORTS DIRECT and JD SPORTS FASHION PLC.…show more content…
And a change of 4.7% in the revenue of sports direct from 2014 to 2015 INTRODUCTION Sports direct international is a company founded by Mike Ashley in 1982, at maidenhead a town in England. Sports direct is the leading sports retailer by revenue and operating profit in the UK. Sports direct operate 270 stores in 19 European countries and currently operate 420 stores in the UK (www.sportsdirect.com, 2016). Sports direct has grown rapidly to become the UK’s leading sports Retailer Company following the demise of former market leader JJB sports into bankruptcy in 2012. This signifies a notable achievement in a changing retail environment. SWOT ANALYSIS FOR SPORT DIRECT STRENGHT: • Sports direct is the UK’s number one sports retailer with over 420 stores. • The company tie’s-up with famous sport brands like Adidas, Nike, Rebook, UnderArmor etc. • The company’s owns brands like Dunlop, Slazenger and Lonsdale. Which allows the company to regulate it owns price. • Sports direct has been a trusted brand in the UK for over a decade ("Sports Direct | SWOT Analysis | USP & Competitors | Brandguide | MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share."). WEAKNESS: • Sports direct has a significant reliance on the UK market. (Marketline, 2014) • The company
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