A Report On The London Stock Exchange

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SUMMARY This report is based on two companies publicly listed on the London stock exchange (LSE), comparing the two companies together and choosing one from the two chosen companies. Investing a sum of twelve thousand pounds in the company chosen, tracking the shares from the 5th November 2105 to 8th of January 2016. This report will demonstrate the findings and results of price fluctuation over a period of time, the pest and swot analysis of the company chosen and record the performance with references.
In this report the understanding of how the 12000 pounds invested to the chosen company will be stated and the reason for an increase or decrease in the money invested. The chosen companies are SPORTS DIRECT and JD SPORTS FASHION PLC. COMPARISM OF SPORTS DIRECT AND JD SPORTS REVENUE.
“JD SPORTS fashion plc. Is an international retailer and distribution of sports, Athletes, fashion, footwear, apparel and accessories Company, established by David Makin and John Wardle at Bury, United Kingdom in 1981. The company operates over 800 stores across Europe, covering both sports and branded fashion. The company operates across eight (8) different countries UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong. (MARKETLINE, 2014). After comparing the two companies, the price of its shares. I chose sports direct because of its huge involvement in sports and the number of companies it has acquired in recent time, and also an increase in its revenue.
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