A Report On The Los Angeles Police Department

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It’s a early saturday morning. it is the first day of the academy and someone already yelling in front of saying “ Who told you you could be a cop?”. Heart beating fast of nervous, and with the confusion face like what did I get myself into. These people have chosen to put their own life at risk; but some say it’s a worthy cost because they say “we protect, we serve”. When I was a high schooler, I always wanted to help the community, I wanted to be more than a volunteer for the communities. I wanted a job that I could prevent crimes and help in making a difference. “ we thought we could change the world, we are the protector of the peace. We define the odds and criticisms..” This is what a police officer saying during a YouTube video…show more content…
Thirdly, they want to set a positive role with setting an good example for the communities. Finally,the opportunities they give of choosing this career.
The first reason people are drawn to this field is to protect and serve the community because it is where they grew up in and it’s like a home to them. As we grow, we make our community our home because it is where your family, friends, neighbors and you grew. As an individual, we want to make sure that our home is safe, or we ask ourselves what can we do to make our community safe and be at good protection.
As a police officer, he or she must patrol the community to be aware of any danger that will come upon them, for the community will be like any other day. From being a police officer for the Los Angeles area, they make it their home, it is probably for some it is where they grew up as a child and they don’t anything to happen to it. For that being, it is one of the many reasons why that person wanted to become a police officer; he or she wants their community, their home to be safe for anyone wanted to drive by or stay in the Los Angeles area. For instance, I had interviewed one of my YSO( Youth Service Officer) and this is what she had to say, “ I am from Los Angeles, and I don’t think there is nothing much better than serving your hometown communities. Born and raised here and I felt like royalty to this department, I didn’t apply anywhere else. But, I knew I wanted to

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