A Report On The Management System

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Section 2: Problem Explained
As stated above, BGC is done after a resource is hired. Now an unverified resource is there in the company which directly alarms security issues if that resource is found to be fraud or have a criminal background. Several problems hits when a BGC is done after hiring, some of which are:
a) An unidentified resource is in the company which alarms security.
b) No one is sure if the resource is having the proper education criteria which s/he has shown.
c) A resource is to be paid for the time s/he is on bench when he is unbilled by the client which hits direct cost of the company.
d) A resource is using space, water, electricity without getting billed.
e) A resource is not even getting trained and allowed to sit idle.
These are certain issues which no company can ignore as if they fail, it will compromise with the reputation of the company. Although, several measures has been taken to train the employee while BGC is conducted which will at least reduce the time to get a resource to properly indulge into a project.
A Better approach is needed because the above situations are such which impact direct cost of the company and it’s not like that it can’t be eliminated but necessary steps is to be taken to eliminate them which will reduce direct cost and increase gross margin. Thus a new approach is requires here which will analyze these issues in depth and propose a solution to eliminate them. To support this, let us talk in terms of revenue, cost and
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