A Report On The Marine Corps

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A month after graduating high school, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In less than a year after that, I found myself speeding in a Humvee on a dirt road in Habbiniyah, Iraq, just a mile of the Euphrates River. Our mission was to assist a Marine Reconnaissance unit in securing insurgent weapon caches. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins, as I was ready to tackle my first major op. My truck, along with another, responded to the recon unit when they radioed for help to load a weapons cache. As we sped over to the site, an IED exploded and ripped apart the engine of the following truck. The vehicle contained my squad leader, two marines, and our squad’s only medic. As a combat lifesaver (CLS), my secondary mission kicked in. My instincts were to assess the casualties, triage, and treat the wounded. We were fortunate they only suffered concussions, with the gunner having minor lacerations to the face. After dressing the wound, a MEDEVAC was secured to transport them back to base. Within minutes of the helicopter leaving, another explosion was heard where the cache was located. We rushed to the scene, only to see a truck engulfed in flames. When I reached the casualty collection point, I was updated on what occurred. The truck hit a landmine as they were backing onto the road, injuring everyone near the vehicle. Most of the passengers got out, but one was unconscious and trapped inside. Much to my dismay, the Marine was my team leader. I fought

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