A Report On The Market Strategy

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Sinatra Painting is a home décor and home improvement paint store coming upon its eighteenth year that primarily services contractors and D.I.Y family customers. This paint store offers the quality paints that contractors love while also ensuring ease of use for families that need superior paint performance with an application method that’s not quite as complicated. Another feature that sets our paints apart from others is the fact that all of our paints have low to zero environmental impact. Over 20 different paint types are available for both interior and exterior needs. Paint samples in pint sizes are also available on the floor in various palettes from our yearly lists of most colors sold at any time with more than 30 color samples…show more content…
The marketing objective is to enthusiastically support the company’s persistent development and financial success through proper execution of the strategy.
Analyze the specific marketplace situation in detail, including organizational strengths, weaknesses, environmental opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis.)
Sinatra Paints possesses many strengths that all combine to contribute to the level of success the company has already achieved. First, strong relationships with contractors that are offered an array of credit options, flexibility, and quick response to distinct product requests. Also, helpful and capable staff, offering personalized suggestions to each customer on a one on one level. Sinatra Paints also has an impressive retail space combined with a warehouse extension that gives the store front a more professional look and feel, a positive vibe and a more eye-catching atmosphere. Another strength is the heavy-duty selling and the knowledgeable way the product is presented. Brilliant with its patented “MoistureBlocker” technology lets you paint your project with no concern for dew or unpredictable rain that can become troublesome to an Exterior product. Harmonize however, has “FormaldeGuard” an additive that helps eliminate existing toxins in the air and improve overall air quality by reducing many Volatile Organic Compounds from possible sources like
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