A Report On The Marketing Strategy Of Amazon

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1.1. Issue
Due to lack of demand, KOR Water has been using Google Docs as its master of inventory. Reports are received on a weekly basis from various warehousing facilities and those reports are then added to one centralized Google Doc. Currently, the company stores inventory at five different locations. The warehouses, their respective importance and function are as follows:
• King’s Flair is located in Shenzen, China and serves as KOR’s manufacturer as well as a secondary storage facility for international customers
• Global Export Services is located in Hong Kong and serves as KOR’s main storage facility for international customers.
• Capacity is located in City of Industry, CA and serves as KOR’s main storage facility for domestic
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1.3. Recommendation
There are currently several platforms that have been developed to support a business that is primarily done via e-commerce. These platforms will integrate with the various business channels and centralize inventory. Since KOR’s sales platforms (i.e. Amazon, www.korwater.com, etc) are decentralized, inventory will be kept in one bucket; allowing for all inventories at various locations to sync together. This would mean, if a customer purchases a product on Amazon.com, the inventory will then sync to all channels.
After researching several different platforms, I have determined that Stitch Labs will integrate best with KOR’s current business channels. The KOR Water website is set up on a Shopify platform, which runs extremely well with the Stitch bridge. Stitch also integrates very well with the Amazon channels and will allow KOR to continuously have a handle on how much inventory is held in each location (USA and Canada). The platform will also allow us to send additional inventory from within the Stitch Labs platform.
Once the platform is integrated with KOR’s sales channels, the following benefits will be available:
• Operations team will create one .csv file for inventory upon integration. Inventory will be completely maintained as it flows out to the customer, effectively eliminating the need for the current system, the Google Doc.
• Purchase orders for new production runs will all be
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