A Report On The Marketing Strategy Of Nokia

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Week 6 Team Project: What to Do
Learning Team 3: Katina King, Keisha Echols, Michelle Prince
Brenau University

Week 6 Team Project: What to Do
In this age of technology, it is amazing how quickly a technological advance can become obsolete in a very short span of time. Nokia was the only name in cell phones in the early 2000’s, now some consumers have no idea who Nokia is. The next generation of cell phone buyers are loyal to Apple since their smartphone hit the market and offered applications that Nokia considered a fad. By the time Nokia did realize that it needed to act and create competition for Apple, it was too late. Prior to the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, the company was known for providing cell phones that were easy to use. By the mid-to-late 2000’s, the company began introducing phones that even with a manual, were hard to figure out. Nokia’s Symbian-based E51 phone was introduced in 2008 and one user noted that upon receipt, “wondered about it for a week” (Dilger, 2013). The user compared it to his purchase of the IPod Touch six months earlier and stated, “I ordered my iPod touch, turned it on, and knew immediately how to use it” (Dilger, 2013). He had used the device daily for a period of over six months and did not once have to refer to the manual. The article goes on to state that Apple’s IPod Touch “was a huge success all over the world” (Dilger, 2013). In comparison to Nokia’s Symbian, the user described the phone as
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