A Report On The Mckendree Metro Recreation Plex

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It’s that time of the year when exercising and going out slows down immensely, but what if I told you that a Recreation Center is being built that will fill that void literally after a mine subsidence opened almost exactly three years ago. We all know that there aren’t a whole lot of things to do around this area that you haven’t done at least a million times. This Recreation center changes that on all levels. I am not only a student and user of this upcoming facility but I also played hockey for the university along with have personal interviews with the hockey coach and athletic director of the university. Today, I will be focusing on the four P’s of marketing of this Mckendree Metro Recreation Plex. Product- The Mckendree Metro Recreation Plex is a multi faceted product that will not only serve as a workout facility, sports stadium, and general purpose building, but also as a social resource that is going to enhance the tri city area of O’Fallon, Mascoutah, and Shiloh for everyone. Now this Center will have a fully capable competition pool with mulit-level diving boards, two NHL sized ice rinks, one of which will have stadium and box seating for three thousand, a full workout gym, including machine and free weights along with a full assortment of nautilus machines, an indoor track, and full basketball court. Along with those a smaller all purpose pool, a recreation pool, workout classrooms, locker rooms, office spaces. This will also give a closer and more suitable place

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