A Report On The Microsoft Corporation

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This Session Long project would like for me to follow one firm of my choice for the entire session. I will analyze how this firm makes economic decisions as well as how events in the economy affect the firm. I will pick two of the economic terms presented in the PowerPoint Slides that apply to my organization and summarize a current event issue and how it relates to an economic concept.

The Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is a company that I find especially intriguing. I have a brother who is a software engineer for them and another relative who is a marketing specialist with this garage built company. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “if I would have only got in on the ground floor of Microsoft I would be so rich”. I have always been into technology and despise people who rely solely on their Apple products. As you know Microsoft sits lower than Apple on this Fortune 500 list and I am curious to see if some of the new products like their new Surface Pro Pad will blast past the iPad. I personally think Microsoft will start to rely more on the sales of consumable entertainment items such as the X-Box 360 or the Surface Pro Pad then the development and sales of the operating systems that the company was built upon. Technology is a huge factor that plays what I think is the largest role in the success of Microsoft. Everything the company is built on and involved with is based around the technology that goes into their products from Cloud support for Ebola
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