A Report On The Mosque

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The most recent mosque created by the ottomans was the Yildiz Mosque located in the neighborhood of Beşiktaş district in Istanbul, Turkey, on the way to Yıldız Palace. The mosque was commissioned by Abdul Hamid II, and constructed around 1884 and 1886. In comparison the hypo mosque relatively small dome also appears over the area in front of the mihrab. The arch in Umayyad architecture is primarily round in shape, although the pointed arch, which becomes predominant in later periods, makes a limited appearance (The Umayyads). The earliest known writing in the Mayan script dates from about 250 BC, but the script is thought to have developed at an earlier date. The writings of the alphabet were symbols or pictures. The symbols are called logograms which are divided in about 550 parts. The second part that makes up is called syllabograms, and about 300 glyphs were commonly used. The Mayan Civilization occupied the eastern third of Mesoamerica. The top lands were near volcanos and the lowlands were made of limestone located in the central and northern regions (Maya Civilization). The Mayans had an elaborate calendrical system, no longer in use, which obviously evolved in complete isolation from those of the old world. This system ended with the fall of the Mayan civilization. Most of the remaining knowledge of it was destroyed by the Spanish during the conquest. The Mayans have strong…

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