A Report On The Neighbourhood Of Abbeyview

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This report will be looking at the neighbourhood of Abbeyview in Fife along with the determinants of health which often occur within this area. According to Know Fife Dataset Abbeyview’s current population is 7,179, this population is broken-down in to three categories children, working age and pensionable age. Abbeyview population is 20% children, 64.5% working age and 15.5% pensionable age (Know Fife Dataset, n.d. a). Abbeyview is a small area in the east of Dunfermline which in previous years has been notorious for deprivation, Abbeyview North was determined to be one of Fifes poorest areas by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, it was ranked in the top 5 due to one in three of its residents being income deprived (Findlay, 2013). Abbeyview is mainly a residential area, which consists of owned homes, council homes, and other social landlords, private rented and also second homes. Owned homes make up the majority within this area at 61.7%, council houses make up 24.6%, and other social landlords make up 10.3%, private rented makes up 3.1% and second home makes up 0.3% (Know Fife Dataset, n.d. b). However there are a few retail shops and many different take away premises available to the community. Within Abbeyview 4,627 individuals are of working age, however statistics have shown that between 2002 and 2014 29.4% were claiming job seekers allowance and 46.5% were claiming either employment support allowance or incapacity benefit (Know Fife Data, n.d. c). These

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