A Report On The Night

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Everyone sleeps at certain times. Chicago’s imminent seeming glow from the lights is starting to flicker and dim. Windows turn off, second by second. The window cleaning personnel raise themselves up on their scaffolds to start their nightly work; cleaning each window of Willis Tower, home of the Skydeck. An ABC News helicopter flies by with four passengers aboard. I am one of those passengers - a news reporter, reporting a standstill traffic jam. To imagine myself as just a maraca shaped dot in the sky is above my, so to say, “Imagination limit.” “Three, two, one, on air.” The televisor hands me the script and works with his filming duties. . . My alarm surprises me. I groan and ease myself up from my uncovered mattress on my top bunk of my bunk bed. I snatched my phone from the neighbouring dresser and snoozed my alarm, along with shutting of my twenty other alarms so they wouldn’t constantly ring. I threw my blanket to the edge of the bed and turned on the light. It sure did feel like I was coming out of hibernation, because I sure did sleep thirteen hours. I jumped out of my bed and walked out of my room. Five o’ seven AM. I forgot to do my homework, so this will be enough time for me to assess and complete it. A bit of science and a pinch of pre-algebra is okay. I walked unsteadily to my room again to get my clothes before taking a shower… I emerged out of the bathroom with boot-cut pants and an Aeropostale and Fitch tee that smelled like fresh linen from…
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