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Metric #1 - Approval on time
The first metric would be the approval on time of each minister quarterly report. This metric will monitor the step one through eight of the transformational process value added flow. An approval on time metric will identify the number of department that submitted their report on time or not on time after approval by the minister. This metrics would be a good indicator if the first solution implemented to the bottleneck was successful. For example, after the change to an Oracle system to be more efficient, the number of department that submitted their report late should decrease substantially and stabilize in the future. The target value for this metric would be 100% submitted on time. Any fluctuation in the future may indicate potential bottlenecks happening.
Figure 1.
Number of Quarterly Report Received On Time Source of Data
The data will be collected each quarter after task eight of the process. This metric will show the number of department that Fiscal Policy receives on time and overdue.

Why it is important?
This metric will help to keep departments more accountable on this process deliverables and impact on the overall process. If most departments do not report on time it will create a new bottleneck and decrease productivity. This metric would be useful to predict the potential lag toward the end of the process and help address resource management before it becomes an issue. For example, if 50% of department do not submit their…
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