A Report On The Online Casino Industry

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Article 1 – Mr Green lives up to its name with continued growth

In the online casino industry one can always ask what is in a name, with some online casinos failing to live to up to what their name promises. However, there is one name that has gone a long way to buck this trend and live up to its lofty hype. It seems that in 2015 Mr Green has gone from strength to strength, as they have now announced growth that revenues are on the rise due to local market. The world is now sitting up and taking notice of Mr Green online casino and with that has come increased popularity and increased levels of profit.

Breaking Down the Figures

Given the nature of Mr Green’s success it is no surprise that its higher ups have been quick to tout such to industry newswires. Per Norman, Mr Green CEO, said, “Since the day we opened our doors we have always taken great pride in offering a truly first class online casino service. Judging by our current figures it is clear that the on looking public has been receptive to our efforts”. When you look into the data, it is obvious that Mr Green is growing year on year with this growth expected to continue throughout 2015. Q2 revenues hit €20.7 million, a jump from €17.1 million that was posted during Q2 2014, showcasing just how far Mr Green has come. The financial aspects certainly stand for a lot, but the keys to Mr Green’s success can be found within the active customer numbers. Jumping from 63,110 to 73,279, there has been an active user increase…
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