A Report On The Physics Of Fice

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it was that night that I had to stay in room 1408 my boss told me to do a report that nobody in the office would EVER do...two days after that day, that night i couldn’t sleep the bed had stiff springs and the thermostat was broken so i got up and called the front desk to send someone up to fix it, the maintenance guy got to the room and knocked on the door i opened the door he said “what seems to be the problem?” “the thermostat is stuck at 80 degrees... the thermostat is right over here if you could come in” i said. “do you know what happened in this room sir?” he said. “yes i do” i said. “he said take off the panel of the thermostat any fool can fix it” i said “okay” “do you see the silver mercury tube?” “yes” I said. ‘tap it really…show more content…
So i got home i took a shower and i started to think about that last homicide it didn 't seem to be a homicide it seemed to be like an accident or like something inside had undone the deadbolt and made the guy seem like someone had broke in but i got out of the shower and i put on some clothes and I i couldn 't stop thinking about my daughter…...my daughter had leukemia and the doctors said that she had five months left to live...I heard some ruckus in the kitchen and i sprung out of bed and i got a baseball bat and i went down stairs to see who it was but there was nobody there, there was nobody there it was just him in his apartment. the alarm went off at six o’clock beeb beeb beeb beeb beeb, I hit the button and I brushed my teeth and I got some clothes on and I went to the office and i asked my boss that liked to yell a lot like peter parker 's boss does I asked him” when do you want me to stay in that hotel room?” “I want you to stay in room

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