A Report On The Pir 2015 Essay

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The PIR 2015 (TE equivalent) gave ratings for three areas related to the outcome effectiveness of this TER’s concern: 1. Output Achievement (Satisfactory) 2. Outcome Achievement (Partly Unsatisfactory)” 3. Impact Achievement (Partly Unsatisfactory). This TER will rate the project outcome effectiveness as “Moderately Unsatisfactory” based on the following analysis: For each of the three areas for which rating was given, the PIR 2015 substantiated its ratings through listing in detail the comparison between the expected target and results. In rating the output/outcome achievements, the PIR 2015 divided project activities into two components: a. Capacity building training, seminar, conferences, FIs Receiving Capacity Building Support, Financing of DG, projects by PFIs, Market need assessment, RE manuals, Set up RSF with Bank; b. Advisory services for the development of Energy Efficiency market. For component a, the following indicators are measuring the project’s output achievement: 1. Number of entities receiving concessional investment; 2. Number of reports (assessments, surveys, manuals, Phase I/strategic option reports) completed; 3. Number of entities receiving advisory services; 4. Number of workshops, training events, seminars, conferences, etc; 5. Number of participants in workshops, training events, seminars, conferences, etc.; 6. Number of new financial products designed; 7. Number of participants providing feedback on satisfaction; 8. Number of participants
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