A Report On The Plane Detectors

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The airplane was equipped with a smoke and fire detection and warning system to provide flight crews with a visual indication in the cockpit of smoke or fire in the cargo compartments. The airplane had a total of 26 smoke detectors. The main cargo compartment had 7 smoke detectors installed, and in the 4 lower cargo compartments were 19 smoke detectors installed. During the preflight checks the flight crew tested the operation of the smoke detectors by enabling their test function from the cockpit. The flight engineer reported that no problems were encountered during the functional check of the smoke detectors before the flight. The main cargo compartment smoke detector system consists of detectors located in the compartment ceiling that were designed to provide a smoke indication whenever the smoke around a detector reached a certain density. Five of the seven smoke detectors were mounted on the left side of the ceiling at locations corresponding to cargo containers 2, 5, 8, 11/12, and 14. The other two detectors were mounted next to each other near the ceiling centerline at locations corresponding to cargo containers 17 and 18. The smoke detector switch, which is located on the flight engineer’s upper panel, provides a means for testing the smoke detectors and the system wiring. The smoke detector switch has the following labeled positions: OFF, NOR [normal], and 1 through 7. However, the system is not able to identify the specific sensor(s) detecting smoke in
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