A Report On The Police

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On March 8, 2015 the police received a call about a possible burglary in progress. When the Oklahoma City Police Officer arrived on site he saw a vehicle parked near the house’s back door. When the officer talked to two men who were in the back neither of the men could provide information of who had given them permission to remove items from the house. The officer noticed the items where filling their vehicle. The home was vacant due to the owner’s death in 2013, the two men where arrested and charged with burglary. This was an on field investigation that was prompted by a civilian noticing the situation was out of the norm. When the officer arrived on the site he too saw the situation as out of the normal. When the police questioned the suspect he noticed they did not have a sufficient answers to his questions to fulfill his curiosity. I believe this investigation is what most people would call “good old police work” the officer understood the situation as abnormal. When the officer question the suspect the questions he had did where not sufficiently answered it led to him looking at the situation more critically than if the two men would’ve had answered why they were on the property. “Investigators said Jamison was home with his children when Cox knocked at the door and was allowed inside. He was followed in by Ermeling, who produced a pistol, police said. The two men demanded money, police reported. At some point during the robbery attempt, Jamison and Cox were both

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