A Report On The Production Of Capital And Natural Resources

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1. a) Tucker in order to perform business certain resources are required they are Labour, Capital and Natural resources. Labour are people who work to produce goods and services. Capital is an existing asset help in the production of goods and services in the business. Natural resources are those which come from Earth which are used as resources include land, minerals, water, and so on. b) Laboratory is used as a testing facility of the properties of materials used in the products. Administration of Laboratory and located in the military jet engine division but the it functions for all the divisions to perform the testing facilities and design of materials used in the products. C) Conflict between divisions in the Tucker company is present from the earlier, Mr. Hodge is the newly appointed Laboratory manager in the organisation after retirement of Mr. Garfield. There was so many interdepartmental conflicts are raised after the retirement, Mr. Hodge is a selfish person always wants to gain the management attention. Mr. Franklin is a member of engineering department of utility turbines division. Usually engineering members finalise the testing materials and design properties of the division which are done in laboratory, but Mr. Hodge says that laboratory members should involve in the testing of materials and designing properties which Mr. Franklin did not obeyed and Franklin has some issues with the Hodge about the negligence of his division by the Hodge and Hodge did
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