A Report On The Quality Management Of A China Council Of Lions Clubs International ( Lci )

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Flexibilities needed in NGO project management
When it concerns about quality management in NGOs project, insisting on assessment during each stage of the project is not enough. Another crucial way to guarantee the quality is to keep the whole team with energy and flexibilities. The flexibilities rely on a concise manager team that means fewer but better people to manipulate the team, which could profit the project remaining stable and effective and then assures the project’s quality. In the following sector, a China Council of Lions Clubs(CCLC) will be set as an example, who uses such a management mechanism and gain considerable success in NGO field.
Lions Clubs International(LCI) is a secular, non-political service organization, which is originated in the United States and plays an active part among global NGO. In CCLC case, it takes distribution instead of hierarchical management model, namely CCLC establishes its branches by region, and each club will distribute various projects to certain units. These units are responsible for the functions of the aid of natural disaster, donations, rural education and etc. This sub-regional, sub-team management model accelerates the development of LCI in China and enhances project’s quality in most circumstances. Because each team has its own relatively clear goal to service certain areas, which achieve a unit of charities so that group activities do not need to ask for an action’s permission from a higher level of manager every time.…
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