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The Royal Gazette

Over the last few weeks there have been numerous breakouts of the Plague. It has infected over 1/2 of Europe 's population and is still spreading! Death and disease are probably becoming familiar features in your life but luckily for you, health workers believe it’s almost over.

New cures are reportedly found and believed to be successful. (Continued Page 2)
New gossip comes to surface after a family moves town (See more Page 10)
Are the Government doing enough to help us survive? (Find out on Page 6)

Symptoms of the Plague
Signs and symptoms include black lumps occurring underneath arms and on the groin (see above). Signs of infection will occur in around 1-5 days after infection. If these symptoms occur you should consider the following health advice in the article below ‘Cures for the Plague -WITH HEALTH WORKER Sir Rowan Black’.

Cures for the Plague -WITH HEALTH WORKER Sir Rowan Black
The best new way to treat the Plague or to prevent it from infecting you is to block the bad air that contains the Plague from yourself. According to doctors, all that is needed to stop you and your family from catching the Plague is to block the Plague infected air. This can be done using several different methods:
-Plague-proofing your home by putting glazes over southern windows to block the polluted southern wind.
-Sit in a sewer so the bad air of the Plague is driven off by the even worse one of the sewer.
- Throw sweet smelling herbs…
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