A Report On The Sales Of Woolworth

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From the above, we can see that the sales of Woolworth are keep increasing from 2011 to 2014, and from 2011 to 2013, the changes are around 4.5%, and from 2013 to 2014 it’s only increased 2.73%, but it’s not necessary to be worried about. If we look at the profit changes of Woolworth, we can see it’s unstable, especially in 2012, it has decreased 14.47%, the major reasons of it may because of the cost of goods sold and the cost of doing business has increased more than sales. Moreover, from the five-year summary of Woolworth, we can see that Woolworth has two group to contribute its sales, they are Australian food, liquor and petrol, and the main part of its sales is from Australian food, liquor and petrol. Overall, the performance of Woolworth is very good from past 5 years, we would expect its sales revenue and profit keep increase in the next year. Tesco: (Please refer to appendix 1 for calculations) From the table of Tesco’s Sales and profit changes in the past five years, we can see that it’s doing worse. Even its sales revenue is not change much, but the changes of profit are horrible, and according to it’s income statement, we found that the reason of it change so much is because the cost of sales are to high, even more than sales revenue, therefore Tesco may need to find a new supplier and try to increase its sales. Furthermore, from the five year summary of Tesco, we can see that they have stores in UK, Europe, Asia and US. The main part of its revenue are
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