A Report On The Solar Farm

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Executive Summary A 20GWh per year solar farm has been designed in this assignment. It is located at Yuma city of Arizona in the United Sates. Yuma city has 313 days of sunshine and it is very good for solar electricity generation. The solar farm will be installed at a desert region. There are two reasons, 1. Reducing the environment impact. 2. Lower cost of land acquisition. The tilt angle of solar panel strongly affects the electricity generation. To finding the annual maximum power output, three different angles have been calculated. 32.6° is the best angle for solar electricity generation in Yuma city. Setting at 32.6°, the solar farm can generate 23,983,400kWh per year from 56,000 solar modules. Furthermore, the solar farm footprint…show more content…
If the lifetime of solar farm is 25 year, the costs can significantly be cut down to US$4.78 cents in sixteenth-year and US$5.61 cents in twenty-fifth-year. In order to encourage deployment rate of solar cell, many governments use feed-in tariffs (FITs) program. Due to high initial investment of solar cell, it can shorten the time to reach the break-even point. On the other hand, solar farm regulations in Arizona, it is required permits. The schedule of requiring permits takes 24 to 34 months and 12 kinds of permit are needed. 1. Design a Solar Farm 1-1. Selection of Geographic Location According to National Climatic Data Center, the sunniest state is Arizona in the United Sates, which is 193 clear days pre year.(1) Yuma City where in State of Arizona has 313 days of sunshine. This climatic condition is good for solar power generation. In order to reduce the environment impact, a desert region is a proper choice. There are two more benefits. The cost of land is much cheaper than urban area. In addition, there is no any shelter nearby. Nevertheless, solar farms have to be maintained regularly. If install a solar farm at an isolated location, it will be hard to maintenance. A location of photovoltaic farm has been chosen as Figure 2. It is situated in a desert region for decreasing the environment impact and next to a road for maintenance easily. Figure 1. Map of United States(2) Figure 2. Location of photovoltaic farm(2)
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