A Report On The Staff Team

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13 -- I 'm sure this can be overlooked. I 'm mature for my age. The staff already know.
LynxHCF - Owner
GhoulHCF - Moderator
ViperHCF - Trial Mod
ParaPots - Moderator

And a lot of random servers that are irrelevant.
United States
I was banned for 3 days for "insiding" but as you can see the rank was removed due to it being false as I proved it wrong, all dia blocks removed were place and mined by me. I was a faction captain and solo capped 3 koths and didn 't even take the loot from them with me. I no longer have insider rank.
I would like to be staff on your server because, I like to be honest, the current staff team is really great -- but
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This will also help prevent a lot of sp00kfest members from doing what they 're doing. The one reason why I stopped playing after sotw, is because they ddosed me. I will watch out for the players, and make sure that sp00kfest doesn 't do it to anyone else. Sp00kfest is also very toxic in chat, always trash talking. I could really make a difference.

One more reason is that some staff members focus too much on purely xrayers, if you gave me the chance to be a moderator after t-mod, I 'd be morely focused on hackers when there 's alerts. Other than that, helping people in ts and watching xrayers at the same time would be my main thing. I 'm not saying that watching xrayers isn 't as important as hackers, but sometimes hackers kill people after the people have already used an inventory of pots because staff didn 't come. That 's the main reason I think hackers should be watched over xrayers.

If I was given staff on PrimeHCF, I know my duties. It 's not all just hacker hacker hacker, I have to go into ts often and be active in there, and also help prepare for the next map. I know what it means to be given responsibility, and have to act a bit more mature than I already am. Sometimes age doesn 't mean anything in minecraft, and in my case, I really think I 'm just as mature as any older staff. I also look up to fatstaff, and I watched countless staff series from him until he got demoted. Now I feel like I should be the next good staff member, as a thank
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