A Report On The Sub Machine Gun

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Introduction: From the incident, it can be reasonably suggested that the weapon must be small and concealable with a quick fire rate in order to eliminate two targets at once. The perforating wounds, wounds with entry and exit wounds, also suggest a high velocity firearm although the metal fragments in the wound from Victim 2 imply the bullet can be easily fragmented. The Heckler and Koch MP7 sub machine gun with 4.6 x 30mm frangible SX ammunition coincides with this evidence, especially with the accompanying accessories; a HK MP7 Silencer and Brasscatcher, which further benefits the shooter by creating minimal disturbance and leaving negligible ballistic evidence behind. Weapon: The sub machine gun Heckler and Koch MP7 has convincing…show more content…
Once firing began the shooter loses the sightline and accuracy to the target therefore the bullets begin to spread out due to the recoil and the constant discharge of bullets. However due to the second victim only having two wounds the gun must be able to operate in single shot as well as in an automatic mode – a sub machine gun. The weapon must be small and concealable as the firer had to travel to an alleyway unnoticed; the HK MP7 has a length of 340mm with the stock closed (Maxim Popenker, 1999-2015), however adding the HK MP7 Silencer which is needed to reduce the noise from firing in order to remain undetected in a potentially public area, the length increases by a further 222mm (Airsoft 2015) making the overall weapon length over 700mm when firing. Due to this greater length this makes the firearm much more difficult to hide which increases the chance considerably for the target to react and disarm the shooter or escape. The HK MP7 has a mass of 1.7kg with a 20 round magazine (Maxim Popenker, 1999-2015) hence a suitable choice as it is easily manoeuvrable (being fairly light) which makes it simple to handle and operate for all users. Although, due to the addition of the silencer and the brass catcher, the mass increases to over 2.5kg thus becoming more awkward to carry and to hide discreetly, especially if the shooter was a more petite build. The HK MP7 can be used by the most novice of shooters with its
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