A Report On The Sub Machine Gun

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From the incident, it can be reasonably suggested that the weapon must be small and concealable with a quick fire rate in order to eliminate two targets at once. The perforating wounds, wounds with entry and exit wounds, also suggest a high velocity firearm although the metal fragments in the wound from Victim 2 imply the bullet can be easily fragmented. The Heckler and Koch MP7 sub machine gun with 4.6 x 30mm frangible SX ammunition coincides with this evidence, especially with the accompanying accessories; a HK MP7 Silencer and Brasscatcher, which further benefits the shooter by creating minimal disturbance and leaving negligible ballistic evidence behind.
The sub machine gun Heckler and Koch MP7 has convincing specifications that correspond with the evidence left behind at the scene of the crime being in the alleyway. From the scene there was no cartridges left behind and with the alleyway possibly being in a populated area there would be no time for the shooter to collect all the cartridges from the floor; this means that the shooter used a B&T HK MP7 Polymer QD Brasscatcher attached to the firearm which immediately collects the empty shells after firing and can be easily installed and dismantled (Tacstore, 2015) leaving only the bullet holes behind.
The erratic and random pattern of these bullet holes strongly suggests the gun must have had a high rate of fire - the HK MP7 possesses a firing rate of 950 rounds per minute (Maxim Popenker,…

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