A Report On The Team Building Activity Essay

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SCENARIO: Prior to the said Team Building Activity on August 20, 2015, a meeting was held by the manager of the village and all the heads of the different wards about an incident that took place inside the Retirement Village concerning the newly hired staff members and the old ones. Due to some misunderstanding, the level of care to the residents was affected. Does the senior manager decided to have a Team Building Activity which will be handled by my team. Team work is a crucial element in all organisations especially in health care facility which caters to the needs of elderly clients wherein the safety and the lives of the clients are at stake. The requirements for any organisation to achieve success are team cooperation, unity, and most importantly, a shared vision. In a team where there are members who are different from one another, especially with the old staff and new team members, conflicts may arise that may compromise the quality of service being delivered to our clients (University of Minnesota, 2008). Common Performance Related Problems are the following: 1. Poor Time Management • Poor prioritisation, timing and scheduling • Lost time o Tardiness, absenteeism, leaving without proper authorisation o Excessive phone use, break time o Misuse of sick leave • Slow response to work requests, untimely completion of assignments 2. Lack of coordination and poor communication 3. Inappropriate Behaviours ("poor attitude") • Negativism, unwillingness to cooperation,
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